Joshua Faigen - Composition Consulting/Typography
Josh FaigenSometimes I think it is interesting (and useful) to know a little bit of history about a consultant you are considering. Not necessary, maybe, but interesting. Here's a little bit of mine.
I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the shadow of Sandia Mountain. After high school, I attended Colgate University in upstate New York, where I studied Philosophy and Classical Piano. Eventually, I found myself in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I began my career as a typographer and graphic designer. (I have always loved alphabets.) I worked for printers, corporations, design firms, Kaufmann's Department Store, museums, hospitals, and pretty much anyone else that produced printed materials. During my twenty-some-odd years that I spent in Pittsburgh (not counting a two-year intermission in which I was production manager for a small daily newspaper in Holyoke, Massachusetts), I also built two typesetting companies. This, of course, was back in the days when there were such things.
Also in Pittsburgh, I met my wife Penny Lazarus, who at the time was finishing her Ph.D. in Art History and teaching piano. Eventually we decided to leave Western Pennsylvania and we came to Newburyport, Massachusetts. Penny built a very successful music teaching practice and I started working as a Field Application Specialist at XyEnterprise. I began to master XPP (and really appreciate its phenomenal power and flexibility) and was soon teaching it to others, as well as doing a great deal of style development for all sorts of customers.
After a couple of years, I left Xy to become a consultant and now provide complete XPP support and development services to a variety of customers. And, like most consultants, I now count my customers as friends.
I should also mention that Penny and I have two sons: Adlai (a fellow playwright) and Max. In a nod to full disclosure, my other interests include baseball (watching) and golf (playing badly), cooking, and avoiding yardwork. (Penny is a master gardener, so I am not so successful at that last item.)
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